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Corporate Keys Affiliate Program – Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to all participants in the Corporate Keys Affiliate Program.

This agreement commences when we notify you that we have accepted your application to participate in the Program. We may refuse your application for any reason and we do not need to provide any justification for such refusal. By participating in this Program, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and that these Terms and Conditions make up a legally binding agreement between you and us for your participation in the Program. Our authorisation is non-exclusive and nothing in these Terms and Conditions constitutes You as Our partner, employee or agent. You do not have any authority or power to act for, or to create or assume any responsibility or obligation on our behalf or do anything that is not expressly authorised under this Agreement.

Website Hyperlink/Banners

We will provide You with a Hyperlink for Your website which must include the tracking system required by our Program. We authorise you as our Affiliate to refer Guests to the Corporate Keys Website using the Hyperlink from your Website to the Corporate Keys Website.

You must comply with any reasonable directions we give you about the placement of website banners, hyperlink and text.


We will pay you a commission for driving successfully converted traffic into the Corporate Keys booking system.  The commission will be paid for bookings of 28 nights or more. We will pay a commission of 5% of the Gross Rent applicable for the first 28 nights of a booking directly attributable to the Guest being referred from your website to the Corporate Keys Website. We will only pay commission on bookings secured through the Corporate Keys Website.

The Commission payable by Corporate Keys includes applicable GST for any taxable supply by the Affiliate.

If booking is cancelled by the Guest or the Guest is a no-show we are entitled to a refund of any commission already paid to you for that stay and we are entitled to offset any such amount from any further payments due to you.

Commission is not payable if the Corporate Keys booking is secured over the telephone. All bookings must be made over the Corporate Keys Website.

Reservations not entitled to Commission

Corporate Keys will not pay Commission as part of the Program for:

·         any booking resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website where the Guest does not make a Reservation within thirty (30) days of clicking on said hyperlink;

·         any booking resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website where the Guest visits another Affiliate's website within thirty (30) days of clicking on said hyperlink and makes a booking;

·         any booking resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website that does not include the tracking system required by our Affiliation platform;

In the event of any dispute or difference between you and us or another Affiliate we shall determine the source of the referral, based on information provided by our tracking system, which shall be conclusive.

General Obligations

You agree that Guests who book and purchase accommodation from Your website through the Program will be considered customers of Corporate Keys and its associated websites and Corporate Keys will own all information generated by such Guests.

You must ensure that the site does not contain, or have direct or indirect links with sites that contain images or texts that are illegal, violent, racist, and libellous or an incitement to any form of extremism or discrimination.  You must ensure that your site does not contain content that is pornographic, erotic, religious, political or offensive. 

You  must ensure that its site is completely free from all forms of virus or Trojan Horse and any other form of contamination particularly any code or instruction  that could be used to access, modify, delete or damage any data, file or other software program used by Corporate Keys or by a third party.


We will pay you Commission monthly in arrears within 30 days after the end of the month in which the Guests 28th night of stay occurred.

We will adjust any Commission paid or payable for refunds on cancellation of the Corporate Keys bookings or for variations of Corporate Keys bookings. We will deduct (or pay) the adjustment amount in your next Commission payment.

Our calculation of your Commission and your entitlement to payment depends on the hyperlink to the Corporate Keys Website being operational for us to collect the necessary data. If the hyperlink does not enable us to collect the necessary data you will not be entitled to any commission on any sales.

We will issue a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI) for supplies made by you to us under this agreement and you must not issue a tax invoice for those supplies. You must notify us if you cease to be registered for GST or cease to satisfy the requirements of the Goods and Services Tax Ruling GSTR 2000/10.  If the Commissioner has not made an applicable determination under that ruling permitting us to issue a RCTI, we will provide you the necessary information and will pay commission upon receipt of a tax invoice from you.  

We will pay all commission through PayPal or at the request of the Affiliate via international transfer.  Any fees incurred by us as a result of international transfer will be deducted from the commission paid.  

Website Materials

We will make available website banners, quote panels, technical support details and other web based resources (Website Materials) to support your activities as our Affiliate. You may use the Website Materials solely for the purpose of providing a hyperlink on your website that links to the Corporate Keys Website. You must not use the Website Materials for any other purpose and you must not amend or modify the Website Materials.

We own all IP in the Website Materials, the Corporate Keys Website and the Corporate Keys trade marks. We grant to you a non-exclusive  revocable licence for the duration of this agreement to use the Website Materials, the Corporate Keys Website and the Corporate Keys trade marks for the purpose of providing a hyperlink on your website that links to the Corporate Keys Website. You must not use the Website Materials, the Corporate Keys Website or the Corporate Keys trade marks or any names or marks that are deceptively similar to or that resemble the Corporate Keys trade marks, Corporate Keys Website or Website Materials except in the course of your activities in relation to the Program.

You are solely responsible for the implementation of all URLs that are linked to the Corporate Keys Website. Once your application is approved, we will send you an email confirmation with the Website Materials and tracking URL to monitor your website referral and sales. You must not make any changes to the tracking URL. You hereby acknowledge and agree that if the tracking URL is modified, erased or corrupted we will not be able to track sales and we will not be required to pay You any Commissions on these sales.

You agree not to use keywords in Google, Yahoo, or any other form of online paid advertising that relate to Corporate Keys brands, trademarks, partner sites or keywords.

Indemnity and Release

You indemnity us for any liability, loss, damage or expenses arising from a breach of this agreement or any negligent or wilful act or omission.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we hereby exclude all representations, liabilities, express or implied terms, conditions and warranties (including without limitation any representations as to the profitability or effectiveness of the Program or that the operation of the Corporate Keys Website will be uninterrupted or error-free). Where any goods or services supplied by Corporate Keys (e.g. platform software, representations, advice or other services) are subject to any statutory guarantees, rights or remedies under the ACL which cannot be excluded, Corporate Keys’ liability for any loss or damage shall be limited (at Corporate Keys’ election):

(a)  in relation to goods, to replace or repair the goods or to pay the cost of replacement or repair; or

(b)  in relation to services, to supplying the services again or to paying the cost of having the services supplied again.

We are not liable for and you release us and our employees, officers and agents from any consequential or indirect loss or damage (including without limitation any loss of revenue, profits or data) due to any statutory guarantees, error, lack of care, or fault of ours arising under or in connection with this Agreement or the Program.

Term and Termination

This agreement continues until terminated by either party by giving seven days’ notice in writing. Notice may be served by email to the email address in your application.

We may terminate this agreement immediately if your website contains content or materials that in our absolute discretion causes or is likely to cause damage to our reputation or the reputation of our associates, clients or our Guests. We may immediately terminate this agreement if your Website includes content that is false or misleading, obscene, promotes violence discrimination or illegal activities or infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Consequences of Termination

On termination of this agreement you must immediately cease carrying on any activities as our Affiliate and you must immediately remove all Website Materials and hyperlinks from your website.

We will pay you Commission on Corporate Keys bookings confirmed and paid in full before the termination date but we will not be liable to pay any Commission for any Corporate Keys bookings made by the Guest after the termination date.

Force Majeure

Neither you nor we are liable to the other nor deemed to be in breach of this agreement if there is a failure to perform, or delay in performing, this agreement if the failure or delay is beyond that party's reasonable control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we are not liable to you if the Corporate Keys Website is down for any reason.

Change to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, including commission levels and how we calculate and pay commission under this agreement. We will notify you in an appropriate way as soon as possible, e.g. by making available revised Terms and Conditions on our website or by communications with you through the email address you have identified in your application. Changes to the commission levels and how we calculate and pay commission will become effective 30 days after we notify you. All other changes will be effective immediately upon notice. If you do not agree to any material change, you may terminate this agreement by giving us notice in writing effective immediately.


These words have these meanings.

ACL means the Australian Consumer Law as defined in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Application means your application to us for you to participate in the Program.

Commission means the remuneration we pay you when a Guest has confirmed and paid in full a stay of more than 28 nights through the Corporate Keys Website (adjusted for refunds).

Guest means a person who makes a Corporate Keys accommodation booking from the Corporate Keys Website as a result of having clicked on the hyperlink from your website to the Corporate Keys Website.

Gross Rent means the total amount payable for the first 28 nights of a Corporate Keys confirmed and fully paid up stay of 28 nights or more (excluding GST).

Hyperlink means an internet link between your website and the Corporate Keys Website that is able to be tracked by us.

IP means any current or future, registered or unregistered rights in any copyrights, patents, inventions, discoveries, trademarks, designs or confidential information or any rights of a similar nature under the laws of Australia or anywhere else in the world..

Program means the Corporate Keys Affiliate Program.

We, Us and Our means Corporate Keys Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as Corporate Keys.

Corporate Keys Website means our website at

You or Your means the person that is accepted by us as a participant in the Program.

Your website means that website domain name that you have identified in your application to participate in the Program.